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The Adventures of Super G and the Cancer Monster

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Kristi Hibbert-Wells
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What a wonderful little gift this book is! It reminded me of losing my own grandfather when I was young and all the associated feelings that go with it. Kristi really emphasizes the real struggles that go with this disease. Having lost my own wife several years ago to this disease I well know these feelings. This book will help a lot of children and families understand the feelings this disease sparks. Thank you for writing this book!
-Rich Vosler, Certifed Life Coach and Spiritual Director, Author, single father of 9,

Meet Super G. He is my grandpa. One day he came home from the doctor and told me that he had a special mission. He had to battle cancer.

So begins the special mission of Super Gs life. Follow him on his journey with cancer from diagnosis to defeating the cancer monster. All of this is depicted by his very special little sidekick. Kids will learn that cancer isnt as scary as it sounds and that your loved ones are still the same even though they have cancer and may sometimes seem different.

A portion of the proceeds from all books sold will go toward the purchase of this book to be donated to local cancer centers.

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