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Healing Lives

True Stories of Encouragement and Achievement in the Midst of Sickness!
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Tobe Momah
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Out of a midsized suburban city and church in West Monroe, Louisiana, come these true stories of healed lives. These stories are catalogued by physician, preacher, and published author, Dr. Tobe Momah.
Healing Lives chronicles one-hundred true stories of supernatural manifestations in the midst of sickness and various other situations that were witnessed or verified personally by the author.

These accounts include physical, spiritual, emotional, financial, social, territorial, and marital problems. They recount the ability of God to change ignorant losers into triumphant achievers by the power of the name of Jesus.

Dr. Tobe Momah is a man of strong faith who not only believes in miracles but also walks in them. As a medical doctor, he brings a unique perspective on the topics of divine healing and the working of miracles. In this powerful book, he enumerates spectacular demonstrations of Gods miraculous power. Reading this book will increase your faith and inspire you to believe God for greater things.

--Pastor Shane Warren, The Assembly West Monroe

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