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The Rapture: from the Ground Up

A Detailed Study on the Rapture of the Church
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Richard L. Guthrie
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The Pre-Tribulational Rapture theory of the end times is the most prevalent and well-known end time scenario of the Bible. It is well entrenched and established in most fundamental churches. The Pre-Tribulational Rapture has been popularized by the Left Behind book and movie series. However, consider the following:
What if the blessed hope was not a promise of the Rapture?
What if the wrath the Church was not appointed to had nothing to do with the Tribulation?
What if the Rapture is not and cannot be an imminent event?
What if the Antichrist will not and cannot rule over the entire world?
What if the Church is not missing during any portion of the book of Revelation?
What if the falling away in 2 Thessalonians 2:3 is only a reference to the end time apostasy of the Church predicted by Jesus?
What if only unbelievers enter into the Millennial Kingdom?
What if Enoch is no more a representation of a Pre-Tribulational Rapture than Elijah is a representation of a Post-Tribulational Rapture?
What if the time at which both the Rapture and the Second Coming will occur is unknown?
What if Jesus, Paul, and Daniel presented the exact same end-time scenario?
What if a literal interpretation of Scripture reveals a Post-Tribulational Rapture?

In a detailed and thorough analysis of Scripture, The Rapture: From the Ground Up explores these and many more questions related to the end-time events surrounding the Rapture in a step-by-step approach. This eschatological study is unsurpassed in detail for the knowledgeable Bible student and yet remains basic, simple, and straightforward for the novice. Using a literal interpretation of Scripture, the Post-Tribulational Rapture is the undeniable result of such a diligent and literal study of Gods Word.

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