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Parenting by Design

Discovering God’S Original Design for Your Family
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Chris Groff
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Raising children is no easy task. No matter the child, no matter the situation, every parent longs for obedience from their offspring.
God isnt overbearing when He deals with us, and His example is perfect. Theres no question that kids want truth and love, as well as bonding and boundaries. Because God understands the human condition, He knows we learn best from hands-on experience, Jesus example, and the Holy Spirits empathetic examination of our hearts. Were asking you to consider using the same parenting style with your children.

Parenting by Design offers a more relational approach to raising children, relying less on rote obedience and more on walking with your children through their decision-making development.

Forcing children to obey rarely works to build a healthy relationship that allows you to enter into their worlds and understand their decisions. This book will help you parent with grace and love, two key elements in motivating a child to obey.

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