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The Unweddables Among Us

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Hank Flick Ph.D.
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Speak up! (see 1 Peter 3:15-16; Colossians 3:16; Proverbs 31:89; 2 Timothy 3:16.) I am stepping up and speaking out to increase self-awareness and understanding for single men and women, divorcees, and widowers on the subject of romantic relationships.
Romantic relationships are an exciting part of life. Problems are inevitable. Relationships are hard to develop and even harder to maintain. To have a relationship, certain things must be present (see John 14:79). The goal in writing this book is to help adult singles understand and become more aware that:

The single life is a good life, but its not always an easy life.

Of the 100 million adult singles living in the United States, approximately 40 percent are

unweddable. Meaning in their present state, they are unable, unwilling, unprepared, uninformed, or unrealistic when it comes to maintaining a romantic relationship.

Romantic relationships pass through twelve steps. Only 5 percent of adult singles make it through all the steps.

Romantic relationships are not for every adult single at every point in their life. These observations lead to the question: Why? The answers are within this book.

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