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The Widow’S Covenant

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Mettie Merryman
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Your past can be as unpredictable as your future if you dont know what is following you.
Glenda was adopted as a small child. Her past had been effectively erased, and her future had been planned for her. It wasnt until after her doctor husband had been killed in a car accident and she and her daughter, Darla, were alone that she realized life had a dark side.

Having an orphans mentality, Glenda finds herself as many adopted children doseeking her identity, defining herself as a woman. Four years after her husbands death, she meets Loren, a lawyer, with a past of his own. Lies from the past and promises for the future prompt her to seek the Fathers love.

In whatever form the Tempter takesstalking cougar, deadly viper, or the beautiful green-eyed Deethe thief comes to steal and destroy. Sinister oak trees, including the courthouse hanging tree across the street from Glendas coffee shop, reveal the darkness of the human soul and lead to the cross where justice is demanded.

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