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By My Side

Kidnapped by Darkness, Rescued by Light
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Cassie Holley
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By My Side is my personal journey through the trials Ive faced with the Almighty God by my side the whole time. Even the darkest times in my life had a lighthouse. It took a lot of strength and courage to finally swim to safety. I had to give up my own control so God could take the pain away. When I finally hit bottom, there was nowhere to go but up. As I was searching for something to help me attempt to start my journey to recovery, I noticed his hand reaching out. He was always there, but unfortunately it took me reaching the bottom to finally reach the lighthouse. I hope this book helps others know that God is always there, whether we acknowledge him or not. He is just waiting for us to rely on him to take the weight of this world off of our shoulders. Gods love is indescribable. It is unconditional. It is safe. It is eternal. When I let God into my heart, I was finally able to start healing the wounds this world threw at me. By my side is the hope, strength, and love God provides during the earthy struggles we all face.

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