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Turning Points

From the Outhouse to the Penthouse
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B. Dean Brown
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Let's Build It TogetherThe simple phrase, "Been there and done that," best describes the amazing journey Dean Brown has travelled throughout his entire life. Always starting on the bottom rung of the ladder, Dean, a visionary has used the turning points presented in his memoir as a road map, which has been responsible for elevating him to the top level in each of his endeavors.
Deans present undertaking is to build the world's largest walk-through Cross in an effort to save the heart of our nation. The Branson Cross will be a free attraction for people around the world to relive "THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLDTHE LIFE OF JESUS CHRIST ON EARTH".
The Branson Cross is within a days drive for one third of the U.S. Population. There are currently 200 tour buses per month and 8 million people per year that will pass the foot of the Cross. The Branson Cross is a non-profit organization and is being built through generous donations. All donors are permanently recognized with their personalized inscriptions on bricks and pavers. Additional recognitions are available for larger donors and those special donors will be permanently recognized in and around the Branson Cross.
What would you invest in if you KNEW you couldn't lose and that the AUTHOR/CREATOR of Everything was backing you with all of Creation?

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