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44 Degrees

Unveiling the Mystery and Magnitude of the Seasons of Joseph
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Kevin McCoy Hunt
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The story of Joseph of Egypt, Jacobs eleventh son, has always been affectionately upheld as one of the greatest sagas of betrayal and redemption. Joseph is well-known by Bible readers for his dreams and sudden exaltation. In 44, the author shares his testimony of a heavenly visitation that gave him deeper insight into this extraordinary life that unfolds its universal impact. This influence soars through history and continues into modern day scenarios, including the election of the 44th President of the United States.
44 uncovers how Josephs second dream surpasses his fathers interpretation. It reveals that the prophecies concerning him have affected world history as well as current events. This book also states further--with fresh insight--that Jesus of Nazareth demonstrated the endowment that impacted the life of Joseph.

The spiritual link revealed in 44 has been understood by some religious scholars of yesterday, regarding Englands rise to its height of worldwide influence, before the torch was passed onto the development of the New World, spotlighting the USA. This examination is highlighted by the spiritual law of repeated history, and it points to the One who will provide the world with the genuine love all creation is longing for. The hope is that in discovering 44, many will view life with a greater appreciation and expectancy.

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