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A Flower of Love

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Krister Hill
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When life does not go as planned and dreams are shattered, one can become lost in the what-ifs. Some people try to avoid the situation by running away the further away the better.
When John Campbell discovered he could not father the child he longed for with his wife, he was shattered. Author Krister Hills A Flower of Love follows Campbell as he leaves his wife behind in England to patrol the border between India and Bangladesh. He quickly learns while one problem can be avoided, others appear when he is attacked and left for dead. But he also discovers help can appear in unexpected ways when he is rescued by a young girl on an elephant. FlorenceFloweris wiser than her twelve years. She, too, has experienced tragedy and disappointment but has used the experiences in building her faith in God.

In A Flower of Love, you will see how God used a child to transform Johns life and reveal his purpose. Flower is a living example of true love and a reminder that help and inspiration can come from anyone.

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