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Something for You

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Delores Oliver Baker
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Something for You is a family oriented fiction book composed of various intriguing observations and life experiences. It contains writings of class reunion reflection and tribute, condolences, resolutions, plays, poems and prayers. In traveling through life, we experience some good times as well as sad times. Both events of life have been captured in this book.
In reference to the bereaved families, sometimes when we lose a loved one its a mystery. However in other situations, God never makes a mistake. For the class reunion classmates, facilitators and friends, its always a pleasure to take a walk back down Memory Lane. In reference to the welcome speech, its a pleasure to give a warm welcome to the guests and visitors. Concerning the play about the Missionary Sisters, its always inspiring to hear and to see a dramatic performance about evangelizing to bring people out of darkness into the light. In reference to the Converts, it is awesome to see how God works through the Missionary Sisters to check on the new Converts to bring them back into the Body of Christ. Regarding the poem Saluting You, parents and teachers are shown appreciation and saluted for an outstanding job well done. In regards to The Graduates who are a unique group: They are your good pupil! Theyre your future!

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