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Yahweh to Hell

Why We Need Jesus out of Politics!
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Rich Woods
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Yahweh to Hell comes at a time in our nations political discourse when the eight-hundred pound gorilla in the room is Christian Dominionism. Renowned author and satirist Rich Woods returns, and this time hes got the twenty-first century version of the Republican Party in his sights. With an uncommon perspective and singular wit, Woods systematically dissects the runaway bigotry, social regression, misogyny, economic illiteracy and overall lack of rationale in the fundamentalist Christian dominated Tea Party/GOP.
At times brutally funny, and/or gut wrenchingly astute, Woods is unique amongst his peers in his ability to combine acumen with unapologetic mockery. Yet while Y2H oscillates back and forth between sobriety and satire, it manages to shine a light in the darkest parts of American politics. Indeed, Rich Woods demonstrates once againthat he is equally adept with both a scalpel, and a chainsaw.

This book will anger many and drive others to uncontrolled laughter. As long as it makes them rethink what theyve been told, the author doesnt care.
Bob Ingle, award-winning journalist, Radio and TV commentator and co-author of The New York Times Best Seller, The Soprano State: New Jerseys Culture of Corruption and Chris Christie: The Inside Story Of His Rise To Power

Rich Woods is down to earth, outspoken, acerbic, and has absolutely no patience for ignorance or stupidity. He has mastered the art of the book-length rant, and gives voice to the frustration so many of us feel with religion in the United States.
William Hamby, Columnist,

This book should be required reading of all Republican voters in America. Rich pulls the curtain back from a party that many of us used to respect, to show that there is nothing decent left.
Brian Sapient, Secular activist, and Founder of the Rational Responders

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