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Legends of Akelian

Tales from the Elvish Realms
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MJ Foulks
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Adobe Digital Editions
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Akelian is a magical land in a lost age of the Earth, created by ancient creatures and inhabited by captivating elvesand this is the world that young twins Demetri and Darion call home. They may know a precious little about it, but this doesnt stop them from having a million questions that theyre just burning to get answered. How did the ancient creatures create such a majestic world? Where do the elves get their spectacular command over nature? Why does their family love the elves so much, when all other humans seem to hate them? The answers all seem to lie with their mischievous grandmother and her strange book of Elvish Legends...
Spend a summer with wild Demetri and sarcastic Darion as they explore the forests that they call home, searching for the one thing every eleven-year-old boy wants: a secret hideout. But what will they learn about their worldand themselvesalong the way?

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