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Good News for Young Athletes

Winning Strategies for Sports and Life
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Good News for Young Athletes: Winning Strategies for Sports and Life taps the deep wisdom and long experience of the Christian scriptures, giving to youth and parents practical tips for following Gods coaching. Laura and John Moulder, a husband-and-wife team of writers who founded Hidden Rock Sports, bring the insights from years devoted to their childrens involvement in youth sports to this playbook for parents.Three sectionsTap the Rock, Embrace the Rock, and Treasure the Rockcover topics grounded in the challenges and joys one finds on lifes playing field. Chapters on subjects like prayer, godliness, and hard work show how to tap the resources of Christ, the Rock. Turning to hurdles like anxiety and disappointment, the middle section demonstrates how to embrace the Rock.
Finally, treatments of contentment and joy model for young Christians how to treasure that rock that is Christ. The chapters make ample use of illustrations, cartoons, scripture passages, and tips for starting conversations between youth and parents.
If you have childrenor if you work with childreninvolved in the competitive and sometimes callous world of youth sports, then Good News for Young Athletes will fit well into your kit of guiding resources. Packed with the wisdom of the Christian faith and the field-tested approaches of parents who work with youth in sports, this guidebook promises to help both generations maximize their performance in sports and life and become enlightened competitors both on and off the field.

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