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The Enigma of Consciousness

A Philosophy of Profound Humanness and Religion
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Gene W. Marshall
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Philosophy of Religion
An examination of why we have religion in every society; what makes religion necessary, good, or bad; and how we can enrich the practice of whatever religion we choose to practice. These basic life issues are explored: What is Truth? What is Consciousness? Inescapable Wonder, What is Religion? Six Was to Imagine the Unimaginable, The Ethics of Response-Ability.

With clarify and abundant insights, Gene Marshall proposes ways by which we can move beyond old forms to those that would enable us to manifest qualities of profound humanness. He has given us a roadmap constructed of vital possibilities, which are urgently needed in this time of multiple crises when the status quo simply will not do.
- Charlene Spretnak: author of Relational Reality, The Resurgence of the Real, and States of Grace; Ojai, CA

The truth of reality if a mysteryin Gene Marshalls language, an almighty unknownbut reality is ever-present to our consciousness. To know what is known, or to make reality real, these are the profundities that Marshall systematically and thoughtfully probes in an analysis that rings as earnest and true as the author who penned it.
- Dr. Jeffrey W. Robbins: Professor and Chair Religion and Philosophy; Lebanon Valley College; Annville, PA

Gene Marshall coaxes the reader beyond the limiting enclosure of the personality-centered self and ego mind and into the realm of authentic personal interior experience. The author lifts the fog created by the pesky self-serving human mind regarding the interior life, and provides a path of clarify into depth states of being.
- Michael D. May: Teacher, Group Discussion Leader, Curriculum Editor for Interior Mythos Journeys; Bloomington, IN

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