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Reflections of a Negro Revolutionary

What I Thought I Was Doing During the 60'S
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Boss Jackson
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The turbulent years of the sixties and early seventies, a time of the flowering of a people and a nation, we thought we knew what it meant to black in America, but everything we knew was changing. From the civil rights movement Led by Dr Martin Luther King Jr. The watts Riot, the so called Black Revolution, the rise of the Black Student Unions on college campuses, to the anti War and womens Lib movements, America was Changing and we were forced to change with it.
The reality is that change is most certain of all the forces of nature however from my point of view not all change is good. The turmoil we experience in our modern society is a direct result of many of the changes that took place back in the sixties and seventies most important from where I stand is the loss of identity suffered by millions of Americans of African descent in the transition from Negro to Black.

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