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Deliberate Dynamics: Leading a Game-Changing Life

A Guide to Living a Life That Stimulates Change
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LaJeanna L. Cunningham MSEd
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Comparing life to playing in a ball game, author LaJeanna L. Cunningham offers ten top ways to achieve a dynamic life. In Deliberate Dynamics, Cunningham presents a guide book for those who want to live their life in a way that stimulates change or progress in themselves, their family, their community, and in society.
A companion to Deliberate Dynamics Junior: How to Win the Game!, written by Cunninghams son, Cedric Cunningham, this inspirational book shows we are all capable of being that voice or presence that influences those around us. It suggests ways to get in a position to lead a dynamic life:

Identify who you are
Accept who you are
Celebrate life
Declutter your life
Repeat what youve learned
Understand that your words have life
Prepare for change based on whats true
Build a dynamic family
Take advantage of small opportunities to be dynamic
Lead a game-changing life

The first in a series, Deliberate Dynamics shares important life experiences to illustrate how to achieve self-mastery in lifes challenges.

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