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Forty Crazy Years of Friendship

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Richard Hulse
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Author Richard Hulses best friend, Baines Spivington, lived a life that leaned away from convention. That is not to say he did not live an ordinary life; he just had his own way of doing things. He was passionate and unselfish when it came to helping and caring for family and friends. At times he questioned who he was, especially when he reflected on his intelligence and the successes and failures of various endeavors of his life.
Baines was a funny, talented, and creative individual. He was serious when it came to his relationships with women. He was shy and uncomfortable around strangers, but in the presence of his friends he was gregarious and outgoing. He lived a rich life, though it was stressful at times.

Travel with Baines, Richard, and Rowdy as they drink themselves across Europe. Join them for spring break at Anza Borrego Desert and Oceanside, California. Enjoy the story of Bainess first colonoscopy. Laugh at Richard and Bainess attempt to pick up women one warm summer day at Sorrento Beach in Santa Monica, California. Help them cheer on the Los Angeles Raiders and the USC Trojans football teams. Learn about Bainess talent as an actor and writer. Experience Bainess pursuit of a satisfying career. Appreciate the story of a crazy friendship that lasted for over forty years.

Hulses adventures with Baines were both comical and tragic. This biography serves as a memorial to a man who lived a life that mattered.

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