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Katy’S Book of Inspirational Prayers

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Kathleen Copeland
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When the almighty Lord raised Lazarus from the dead, he called him by name. If he hadnt, every person who had ever lived and died would have risen from their graves.
You have to be exact when you ask the Lord for something, which is a lesson Kathleen Copeland has learned throughout her life when shes needed his help.

It was help she sometimes desperately needed: When she fell and fractured her neck, she needed surgery and was left in unbearable pain. She cried, prayed, and begged the Lord to heal her, and he did exactly as she asked.

The doctors called it displacement of a cervical intervertebral disc, but she calls it a miracle.

Even when Kathleen was at her lowestliving a life of sinGod still blessed her life. He put her faults into a sea of forgetfulness, never to bring them up again.

Celebrate the Lords power, virtue, and spirit, and be inspired to overcome anything with Katys Book of Inspirational Prayers.

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