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Sheryl Brown-Norman
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Adobe Digital Editions
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Savannah Hartford knows what its like to be alone. Never having had much success with love and life, shed given up on anything good ever happening. So when she received a letter explaining that she had inherited an old mansion, on a choice piece of land in Jamaica, she was stunned and suspicious. Yet, with the help of Cara, her best friend; Trinity, a fast-talking Jamaican chef; Marcus, a butler who moonlights as an architect; and a handsome contractor named Jacob Spencer, Savannah uses her design skills to turn the old mansion into a luxurious bed and breakfast. As she transforms the house, she learns that it is not just the house that is being restored. On this lifechanging journey, she may actually find what shes always wanted: love, faith, and family.
Jacob Spencer is a content widower, a successful businessman, and a Christian. Although he has the looks to get any woman he wants, he has been unwilling to risk falling in love again that is, until he meets Savannah, who represents everything he wants in a woman. And unfortunately, everything he doesnt. Between their differences and a conniving attorney named Brandon Anderson, who will stop at nothing to acquire Savannahs property for his nefarious clients, her quest to keep the property could end up destroying their love and costing them everything.

In this novel, a young woman works to restore an ancient mansion to its former glory while finding a new love and faith along the way.

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