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In the Crosshairs

Locked and Loaded
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RJ Demers
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Adobe Digital Editions
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Chris Slaughter is a hit man with everything going his way. Hes got the money, the car, the girl, and the career. Chris decides to call it quits and give up the contract killing business for good, but one vital mistake unfortunately puts him right back in the game. Unfortunately, this one error now changes Slaughter from the hunter to the hunted.
A single shot from his rifle puts his life and the lives of those he loves in danger. Only he can fix the mistake and figure out who set him up, but in order to do so, he enters into the criminal underbelly of organized crime and gangs. What he really seeks is forgiveness, as he wonders if his job has sent him straight to Hell.

Chris will go through anything to get his life back, from gun battles to car chases. Hell need Gods help to find the people who wrecked his life, but when he finds them, theyre going to pay the cost of righteous injustice. Chris wont lose this fight; hes too good, and his enemies should knowpeople caught in Slaughters crosshairs always die.

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