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Perspectives and Possibilities

Riffs and Rants of a Vietnam Vet Turned Octogenarian
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Richard Bellingham
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I have known Rick for over 30 years as a friend and professional colleague. He has lived his life and guided his clients according to a simple, yet powerful narrative align your spiritual, mental, physical and emotional energy with your lifes purpose. If you wake up every day, express gratitude and help others, your life will be meaningful. The chapters in this book give the reader guidance into this philosophy for a fulfilled life.
Peter M. Fasolo, Ph.D.
Chief HR Officer
Johnson & Johnson

The word Renaissance means rebirth. In my mind, when I think of this word, I have an image of a peony or a tulip opening over a week each day the bloom is reborn different and wondrous. I am always curious about what it became overnight. That is what it is like to read Rick Bellinghams Perspectives and Possibilities. Each musing is a chance to explore a new organizing framework and to be curious - curious about how we can lead more fulfilling and purposeful lives. It is a book to be picked up and put down with a deep sense of trust that the inspiration that is needed for renaissance will be found in these pages.

Pat Zigarmi, Ph.D..
Co-Founder, The Ken Blanchard Companies
Author, Situational Leadership II

This book both inspires and challenges you to consider how you might learn, grow, and love more! In his own self-effacing way, Rick always challenges me to think more deeply about how I conduct my life while inspiring and encouraging me! How fortunate we all are to be inspired by Ricks words and to know that lifes possibilities are ever increasing if we are only awake to them.

Julie Meek, PhD, RN
Former Founder & CEO, The Haelan Group
Now Clinical Professor, Indiana University

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