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Breaking Open God’S Word

A Three-Year Cycle of Reflections on the Sunday Readings of the Liturgical Year
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Celine Goessl SCSC
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Breaking Open Gods Word: A Three-year Cycle of Reflections on the Sunday Readings of the Liturgical Year invites readers to embark upon a journey through the riches of the Catholic Churchs three-year lectionary for readings for Sunday Mass. The lectionary, a sequence of appointed passages from the texts of the Old and New Testaments, pairs readings with the seasons and feasts of the church year.
Sister Celine Goessl, a member of the Sisters of Mercy of the Holy Cross, has taken a lifetime practice of prayerful listening to the messages God shares through scriptural texts and brought it into conversation with her immersion in the details of daily life to create the collection of reflections appearing in Breaking Open Gods Word. The intent of this collection is to help Gods Word enflesh itself in the readers daily life and to empower him or her to take action to live as Christs presence in other peoples lives.

You may watch the changing of the seasons in your parishs worship and hear the variety of texts read at Mass. As you do, and you find life presenting you with ever-changing challenges to your faith, Breaking Open Gods Word offers to accompany you on your daily journey. Along the way, Sister Celine Goessls prayerful reflections can offer you inspiration and guidance for living and witnessing faithfully in whatever circumstances you face each day.

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