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Forty-Five Letters from a World War Ii Sailor

How to Fulfill Your American Dreams
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Robert W. Bradshaw
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As an eighteen-year-old young man, Frank B. Bradshaw Jr. served in World War II as a sailor in the Merchant Marine Corps from 1944 to 1946. In Forty-Five Letters from a World War II Sailor, Robert W. Bradshaw presents a collection of letters his father, Frank, wrote to his parents during a two-year period. It was a dangerous time in history when mariners died at a rate of one in twenty-four, the highest rate of casualties of any service.
From a cold-blooded slaughter in the Ukraine, to illicit sex on the high seas, to coping with food shortages and a loony captain, Frank shares the day-to-day happenings of the life of a sailor on a cargo ship.

Forty-Five Letters from a World War II Sailor delivers firsthand World War II global insights and a unique historical perspective from the view of an eighteen-year-old man. It provides fodder for future generations to fulfill their American dreams.

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