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Way to a Stranger's Heart

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Margy Millet
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Adobe Digital Editions
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Jason Westbrook is the leader of an armed, private security team searching the Australian Outback for a stolen flash drive that holds vital information for the future of his familys company. But he is distracted from his search by the thoughts of the stunning woman he saw bathing in the river just before they entered the village.
Dr. Johanna Smith is an environmental researcher on a missionary project, working with a village in the Australian Outback. When armed men enter the village looking for stolen informationblaming two men from the research groupthey take the group captive, but Johanna manages to remain hidden. As she searches for a way to liberate her team, she finds herself drawn to a handsome stranger whom she meets nightly at the riverunaware he is the same man holding her colleagues hostage. As their feelings for each other grow, only time will tell whether the secrets they keep from each other will tear their love apart, or whether their all-consuming passion will bring them back into each others arms.

In this romantic thriller, a research scientist and a man on a mission to recover stolen data find themselves falling in love under unlikely circumstances in the Australian Outback.

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