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The Truthseekers

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Jann Jansen
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Adobe Digital Editions
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Kaitlyn Hilson and Paul Stedding are a modern couple engaged and deeply in love, two normal individuals with goals and happy lives, until an invisible window between this world and another is left mysteriously, unintentionally ajar and their nemesis from many incarnations returns in spirit, driven as always to lure Paul back into her control and destroy Kaitlyn forever.
The spirit of Marguerite de Valois, third daughter of Catherine de Medici. the Queen of France, has had an obsession with Paul which has never subsided, but has become stronger through each incarnation. Her jealousy and hatred for Kaitlyn has driven her every thought and desire to destroy, becoming the chief focus of her existence throughout time.

As the accidental opening has appeared between realms while she has waited and watched - whether it was due to Fates capriciousness or miscalculation Marguerites spirit slips through into an unfamiliar existence where she is fearless in exploring, occupying and wrecking havoc wherever she can, even when it comes to murder.

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