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You Can’T Smell Shit When It’S Covered with Roses

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Daphne DuMariuer Hampton
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Adobe Digital Editions
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Why do people think they can just come into your life, uproot it, and then go back to their life business as usual?Thats the question that Dienisha Jones keeps asking herself. The survivor of various failed relationships that left her life in shambles, Dies learning to become her own best friend. Its been years since shes been in a relationship, but all that is about to change.

This Dude comes along and he is one smooth operator. Charming and sexy in his own way and full of promises, he puts Dienisha immediately on guard. Die wastes no time warning him up front if he isnt going to do right by her, he should just keep it moving. But this dude assures her that he is different from all the players who have used her in the past. He promises to love her and treat her right.
But this dude is a liarand Dienisha is no ones fool.
When this player breaks her heartits game onand its time to settle the score. Die is on a mission to make him regret that he ever met her or any other woman. He may have torn her life apart, but thats nothing to what she has planned for him. By the time shes done with him, hell think twenty times before he ever treats another woman the way he treated Die. Shes about to wreak some serious havoc on this no-good life.
This dude is going downand Die is the reason.

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