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The Healing of a Broken Spirit

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Akua Fayette
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Born the tenth child in the segregated area of Houston, Texas, in a little area called Fifth Ward Texas, author Akua Fayette grew up and has had a variety of experiences. In the Healing of a Broken Spirit, she shares her life events and how many of the answers to her questions were answered by a spiritual stranger.
A poet, symbolic artist, author, storyteller, art teacher, inspirational public speaker, and community activist, Fayette provides an understanding of how the spirit can be broken during ones lifetime. She reveals how children process inner feelings and are sometimes burdened by them, even in situations where they have no control. She explains that African Americans must go back to the roots of their existence and get what belongs to themthe whole spirit, the blessing of being free in mind and body, and knowing the difference between how and where they survive and how and where they thrive.

Filled with inspiring information to help others find the truth during their own life journey, The Healing of a Broken Spirit helps discover ones purpose.

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