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Of Life Reviewed

Philosophy in Flight on the Wings of Poetry
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Walter Slack
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In this philosophical reflection on lifes ideologies in poetic form, author Walter Slack examines life and strips it bare of superficial elements. Poetrythe medium of the soulshould also appeal to the mind. Verse fails if it does not at times afford the intellect a certain enjoyment and stimulation of further thought. Such is the aim and hope of the poetry contained within these pages.
This collection of poetry attempts an integration of process theology and ethical humanism. It seeks to deal with the nature of the universe and our relationship to that universe. God is treated here with all the joy, abandon, precision and limitations which poetry permit. At times the poetry herein speaks the sublime language of theology; at other times it utters the hard, blunt voice of mill hands and coal miners. In the end, poetry can have little merit if it does not strive to portray us in our real situations of loving, suffering, enjoying, fighting and dying.

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