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Got Creativity?

Your Notebook for Success Through Creativity and Courage.
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Michael Balch
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Have you ever wondered where your CREATIVITY has gone? Perhaps you want to become more CREATIVE. Do you have the COURAGE to act on an idea? Michael Balch has written a notebook that will test and exercise your CREATIVITY and COURAGE.
Everyone is born with CREATIVITY. We exercise the CREATIVE side of our brain throughout our early childhood, but eventually we go off to formal schooling with an emphasis on standardized testing. It is at that point our CREATIVITY muscle goes dormant. In this notebook Michael dives into why we have ignored our CREATIVE muscle and then gives us exercises to wake it up from its deep sleep.

The notebook is written as an idea generator. Michael says uber successful people are either extraordinary or out-of-the-ordinary. The author inspires and motivates you down a path of out-of-the-ordinary thinking, but leaves it to the reader to write the final chapters. The notebook is a living and breathing guide to your future success. It starts you off down a CREATIVE path, but it turns into the readers book by the time they finish.

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