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Molly Takes the Cake

Book 1 of the River Oaks Series
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The Taylor Sisters
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Molly Tauber owns Mollys Sunshine Bakery in River Oaks, a small, Northern California town. While her head is in the oven, her fianca doctoris on the East Coast, sewing up faces in a never-ending quest for more abbreviations to add to the end of his name. Forever making divine wedding cakes for her customers, Molly wonders if there will ever be one for her. Judging by the length of their engagement, she may be right to wonder. How long can a girl wait?
In Molly Takes the Cake, the first installment in the Taylor Sisters River Oaks Series, Mollys Sunshine Bakery hosts a constant parade of charming, small-town characters who consider her bakery the heart of their community. Unlike the baked goods her customers scoop up almost as fast as she can make them, Molly's heart is growing stale. Should she trade in her doctor fianc for a nerdy fritter fanatic, a man of self-proclaimed mystery and intrigue?

Molly Takes the Cake is refreshingly different from the typical romance novel. Sprinkled with humor throughout, it bakes up into a veritable dessert of romantic comedy.

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