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The Phoenix Experiments

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Nan Pipes
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Several years after losing both her parents, Kimber Taylor is ready to create a new life. Her nursing career begins in the psychiatric ward of a county hospital where Kimber is drawn to a handsome colleague, Dr. Tom Williams. But when she accepts just one pain pill from a seemingly kindhearted nurse with the hopes of remedying a headache, Kimber has no idea that she has just embarked down a dark path where dreams disappear.
In the meantime, romance blooms between Kimber and Dr. Williams. Settling down with him seems like the next step in the ordinary life she has always wanted. But when Kimbers relationship with the doctor ends in heartbreak, she is left wondering if he is the respectable doctor everyone believes him to be or if he is involved in something sinister with his associate, Dr. Johann Simms. While contemplating what secrets Dr. Simms is hiding in his stem cell research lab, Kimber begins a quest to seek the truth where she must determine who she can trust and who she should saveeven as the tentacles of addiction begin to engulf her own life.

In this riveting story, a young nurse unwittingly becomes involved with the activities inside a secretive research lab where she discovers that no one is safeincluding her.

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