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No Apologies

Journey Through Life
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Dona Elms
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As a young girl, author Dona Elms hungered for a normal upbringing with her real family, a void she was unable to fill. Growing up without the emotional support that she needed, she learned how to guard her heart. Eventually, she found someone who changed her life and thinking forever, and gradually something inside her began to blossom.
In this collection of poetry, Elms presents the thoughts and reflections that emerged from that period of personal growth and beyond. Writing served as a form of therapy for her, bringing relief and giving her strength and confidence to express her true self. She managed to overcome her past and achieve the fullness of life through verse, and she hopes to help others do the same. Personal and honest, these verses express one womans reflection on her past, present, and future.

Im not afraid anymore.
Im leaving all my baggage behind.
Im moving forward.
Im not going back,
but I will look back every so often
because I will never forget from whence I came.

from Im Not Afraid

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