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Kyle Hynes
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Adobe Digital Editions
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As a child, Peter Jacoby is plagued by terrible and extraordinarily realistic nightmares. His parents take him to a local psychologist, Dr. Raymond, to help him overcome the problem, giving him the chance to lead a normal life.
As a young adult, Peter is a gifted university student studying to become a child psychologistbut the traumatic experiences of his early childhood seem to hide a secret of his past, one his parents have carefully kept from him. He remembers the dreams, however, and begins research on the topic, with the help of one of his professors, Dr. Haddenfield, and a fellow student named Jessica. Gradually, they learn the truth about Peters past and his conditionand it is stranger than they could have imagined. Peter soon finds himself traveling through his dreams to a strange and sometimes deadly new world, with intimate ties to the earth he knows. On his journey, however, he uncovers more than he bargained for, revealing an enemy that threatens to destroy not just Peter but the entire world.

In this dark fantasy novel, a young man discovers the untold capabilities and potential of his own mindand in the process encounters an evil force intent on unleashing demons upon the earth.

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