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Where Did She Go?

Experiences of an Alzheimer’S Caregiver
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Donald A. Noffsinger
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As Donald Noffsinger watched helplessly as his beloved wife of more than fifty years slowly declinedboth mentally and physicallyhe realized the enormous task in front of him. For a man who enjoyed fixing things in all aspects of his life, now he was up against something he could not repairAlzheimers disease. In Where Did She Go?, Donald combines his touching personal story with practical advice that reveals what it is really like to be a full-time caregiver while providing step-by-step guidance for others facing the same situation.
As his wife, Birdies, dementia symptoms progressed from mild to severe, Donald offers a glimpse into his challenging journey as he learned how to meet her ever-increasing needs, maintain a positive attitude, communicate with family members, accept constant changes, and nurture himself. Included is inspiring wisdom and scriptures that helped Donald survive mentally and spiritually as he faced daily obstacles, sought answers and comfort through prayer, and embraced the joyful moments.

Where Did She Go? reveals a husbands poignant journey as he learned how to care for his wife as she battled Alzheimers disease andin her own wayshowed him that faith, hope, and love never die.

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