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The Five Books of [Abraham] Moses

An Autobiographical Narrative
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Abraham M. Mann
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The Five Books of [Abraham] Moses: An Autobiographical Narrative gives voice to the honest and unpretentious recollections of Abraham M. Mann, born into a rabbinic family, educated at distinguished institutions, and seasoned by years of service as an Orthodox rabbi. In five books the author reveals his origins, shares the adventures of growing up, and takes stock of his adult years.
As he tells his lifes story, he muses about his options: computer scientist or rabbi. He reasons that the former requires great labor and some luck to achieve respectability, but, he concludes, As a rabbi, I would begin my professional life on a high. I would be top banana, king of the mountain, master of my domain. I would enjoy immediate respect. Decisions made might be challenged periodically, but in the end, I would win out. God was on my side. Why start at the bottom, when I could start at the top? The decision was simple enough. Practicality ruled the day.

From that pivotal moment, the direction of his life changes, bringing challenges and joys. The Five Books of [Abraham] Moses: An Autobiographical Narrative reveals the contoursthe bumps and the vistas alikeof the terrain through which the author journeys. If you appreciate the details of a well told story, the honesty of an individual who shares willingly, and the humor that arises to make the difficulties in life surmountable, then this autobiography will reward you for reading its story.

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