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The Enigma House

The Adventure Begins
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Rebecca Rokey
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Adobe Digital Editions
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The Miller family (Henry and Jean, and their children Emma, Michael, and Sophia) arrive home one evening to find their house on fire. After weeks of searching, the family locates a new house, but they soon find out that not everything is what it seems: strange lights appear in Sophias room, voices are heard in Michaels room, a bright orb of light flies around the house at night, and that is just the beginning of the unusual, unexplained phenomena. As Michael and Emma explore deeper into the houses past, they soon find amazing wonders that will affect the entire family, but not everyone shares this view. When Jean discovers what is happening, she begins to worry for her familys safety and feels they need to move out. Henry, Michael, Emma, and Sophia want to stay. As the division grows between the members of the family, the unusual activities in the house come to a halt.

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