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The Gareloi Solution

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Donald Phillipson
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Adobe Digital Editions
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It is 2032, and shockingly, the threat of a food shortage hangs over the United States. Crop yields are down, and if the trend continues, the country could be facing a disastrous reduction in food supplies.
With this in mind, the president of the United States takes immediate action, creating a small team of scientists, diplomats, and military personnel, overseen by the vice president. This teams mission is to determine what is causing the crop failuresand what might be done to prevent them. As they uncover secret information from an obscure French research project and strange trends observed in US labs, their worst fears are confirmed: crops are dwindling not just in the United States but worldwide due to odd weather patterns that might signal a shift in global climates. In order to stave off disaster, the team devises a bizarre and difficult plan relying on the use of Cold War relics. Now theyre in a race against time: can they save the worlds food supply, or is humanity about to experience a famine that affects the entire planet?

In this science fiction novel, a specialized governmental scientific team works to develop and enact a plan designed to prevent a global food shortage that threatens humankind.

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