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Gabriella Gigabyte

Secret of the King Cobra
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Tom Sims
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Adobe Digital Editions
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Even though shes not quite a teenager, Gabriella Gigliotti is a computer wizard; shes so good with technology that her friends call her Gig, and she helps her father in his electronics repair shop. Her family lives in a rough neighborhood, though, and sometimes there are gang fights. Her mother, a police officer, works hard to protect the area, but theres only so much she can do.
When Gabriella learns that one of her friends may be involved with a local gang, the Cobras, she springs into action. She discovers a portal to police records, and Gabriellas investigative instincts kick in. The more she looks into events surrounding her friend and a missing local girl, the more trouble she finds. But as she gets closer to the truth about one of the toughest gangs in the city, she might run into more danger than she could ever imagine.

This novel tells the story of a young computer genius who uses her skills to help track down the truth about her citys worst gangs.

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