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Brutal Justice

Your Guide to Being a Violent Vigilante, Crime-Fighting Superhero
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Mark Sewell
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Crime is rampant; the City cries in pain. The call is made for a protector, a heroare you that hero?
Do you feel the burning urge to fight evilbut maybe youre not quite sure where to start?

Do I need a stickhow about a mask?
Must I develop 6-pack abs before heading off into the night?
What will the neighbours think?

Well, youve had your entire life to be normal, and what did that get you? Probably not muchor maybe it has; good for you! Its time to get positive, its time to get crazy; its time to impose your glorious, indomitable will upon the world at large.

So dont plod through another day at your boring, lame-ass job, surrounded by coworkers that you hate, with a boss you want to shove face-first into a filthy toilet bowl.

Put on your ski mask and grab the old baseball batits time to go bash some scum! Justice! Brutality! Ultra-violence!
Heed the call!!!

{Disclaimer: Dont actually heed the call, or youll end up dead or imprisoned. Reality checksorry.}

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