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Poetry to Challenge the Senses

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Donald Elix
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Building on his recollection of the various places he has lived and visited, author Donald Elix shares a series of verses that explore his memories and his imagination. These poems draw from many historical places and time periods, reflecting the mood of a myriad of events both past and present. They also reflect an element of quiet contemplation that was vital to their creation. Thought-provoking and unique, this poetry collection examines the meaning of lifes experiences in verse from a variety of perspectives.
Blue Sunset

The sun is fading now and dusk is settling in.
Wisps of strata float aimlessly toward the darkening horizon.
Majestic firs nestle in ebony satin cloaks for nocturnal hiding.
Patches of brilliant blue embrace the last rays of day.

The evening sky now trades its rays of day
For a cloak of dark.
Now, after sunset,
Brightness fades into thousands of subdued,
Nameless, incandescent, twinkling lights
Against a blanket of black, which engulfs
The earth as far as the mind can fathom
Not long removed from another blue sunrise.

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