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The Challenged Population

Understanding Intellectually and Developmentally Challenged Individuals
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Abdul H. Gabisi
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Many members of the challenged population are in wheelchairs or use walkers. Some have mild mental retardation, cerebral palsy, autism, bipolar disorder, cognitive disabilities, spina bifida, dyslexia, a brain injury, or behavioral issues.
They make up a significant portion of the population, but not enough people have tried to understand and help them.

Abdul H. Gabisi, a caregiver who has worked with intellectually and developmentally challenged individuals for twelve years, looks back at the special and heartfelt moments hes enjoyed serving themcelebrating their successes and incredible potential.

Some of them have gone from institutions to assisted homes, overcoming massive challenges to enjoy a higher quality of life. Youll learn about their progress and how theyve interacted with agencies, supporters, and the general population to achieve great things.

Youll also learn how residential counselors play a critical role in helping challenged individuals succeed and the role the government must play to promote meaningful reform to help the challenged population.

Take a step toward embracing and supporting challenged individuals with the insights in this important work.

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