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Golf Performance Training

… What They Won’T Tell You
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Gary Bannister
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If youve been golfing for any stretch of time, youve probably been exposed to the myth that movement-based functional training and sport-specific exercise can make you a better golfer.
Gary Bannister reveals a proven muscle-based alternative that gets better results: proper strength training.

A longtime golfer, Bannister has played with some of the worlds greatest champions. He established and coached the mens and womens varsity golf teams at Averett College, and opened South Americas first Nautilus gym, which led him to prepare Venezuelas male and female golf teams for the World Team Amateur Championship in 1986.

Bannister advises golfers to build the muscles involved in golf in the most efficient and effective way you can without trying to be specific. That means without trying to duplicate the actions of the golf swing. Only after youve done that should you focus on learning to use that strength to your advantage on the golf course.

Filled with golfing anecdotes, rich history, and exercises that will keep you fit, youll be amazed by how much your game improves through Golf Performance Training.

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