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Politics in America

Lecture Notes of a Lunatic Professor
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Randy Arrington
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Dr. Randy Arrington loves the United States of Americaand he wants you to love it, too.
Unfortunately, President Barack Hussein Obama, many members of the media, arrogant politicians, and others dont always feel the same way.

He takes them all on in this candid series of lecture notes, urging people to wake up and see the truth, which requires work and effort.

Lecture topics include cultural Marxism and political correctness, presidential eras and presidential power, the five branches of federal government, and liberalism and the transformation of America to communism. Main points include:

All lives matter, but if you become the enemy of mankind, all people have the right and the obligation to remove you from society by any means necessary.
We have an Islamo-Communist sitting inside the White House, and he is methodically trying to destroy America.
The decision-making agenda is set for us by unnamed elites on a variety of issues.

As patriotic as they come, Arrington argues that if America is ever going to be destroyed, it will be from within. His warning comes through loud and clear in Politics in America.

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