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Living Well as You Age

Turning Challenges into Opportunities
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Junietta McCall
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Many middle-aged and elderly people find that their quality of life goes down as they get older. But it doesnt have to be that way.
One is never too old to boost wellness, build relationships with others, and hone personal faithno matter what the circumstances, according to authors Junietta Baker McCall, D. Min. and Clifford R. Dempster, Ph.D.

In this guidebook to making the most out of later years, they go beyond sharing word-of-mouth wisdom and reveal research that will help you cultivate essential skills so you can manage the changes that come with preparing for retirement and growing older.

The interactive journey they lead you on focuses on mind, body, and spirit. Throughout it, youll participate in numerous exercises and hear suggestions that have helped people over the age of fifty-five enjoy a higher quality of life.

McCall and Dempster, both with many years of experience in health care, draw on their personal experiences in making the transition to retirement to show how to confront its challenges and capitalize on its opportunities. With a little determination and the knowledge in this book, youll enjoy Living Well as You Age.

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