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Crying in the Ears of Jerusalem

The World Against the Word of God
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Dan Eze
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The state of Israeli-Palestinian relations has led to political and religious chaos. In Crying in the Ears of Jerusalem, author Dan Eze demonstrates the shame surrounding this conflict, a conflict made from both falsely adopted principles and tortured politics. The path to restoring peace and bringing about a resolution is fraught with division.
Eze provides insight to the coming end of the conflict and that insight stands in the Word of God. Crying in the Ears of Jerusalem discusses how God is resilient in showing that the holiness of the land is authentic and that he will answer the problem of the bad political choices. His truth is the most important piece of evidence to settle the conflict. Israel is the caretaker nation of the private land of God and the Jewish state is hard to find by the truth in the political peace process. God desired that peace should exist from the Promised Land and beyond.

Putting out a call for the end to the war, Eze shares that peace is not cheap, but it can be achieved and it can exist within all of us and within everything that exists in our lives.

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