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Dorothy’S World

A Novel
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Andrew de Heer
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Schoolteacher Dorothy Nti believes she is living a happy life with her husband, Alex, and their two-year-old son, Kofi, in a suburb of Accra, Ghana. She has no idea that a dramatic illness is about to change their lives forever.
One Friday evening, when Alex is out late, Kofi becomes violently ill. Not knowing what to do, Dorothy turns to a nearby revival church for help. The pastor prays over the sick boy, who begins to improve. But when Dorothy offers to pay him, he instead coerces her into having sex with him, which haunts her for several months. As she recovers through prayer and confession, it soon becomes clear that Alex is leading a double life. Events spiral out of control, and Dorothy finds herself dealing with the aftermath of Alexs crimes on her ownwhile still bearing shame and guilt for the sexual assault she experienced. Only time will tell whether she will be able to find healing and joy once more.

In this novel, a young schoolteacher and mother recovering from trauma faces troubles brought on by the treachery and deceit of those around her.

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