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Food for Thought

Energizing the Busy Professional
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Stephanie Jack
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If youre a busy health care professional, a grab-and-go food choice might seem practical, but it can have devastating consequences.
But many health care professionals make that exact choiceand its easy to see why. They must stay energized while seeing patients every ten minutes, conducting surgical procedures, and seeing to administrative tasksall while keeping up with scholarly journals.

Stephanie Jack, Ph.D., explores the implications of quick eating decisions, zeroing in on how white sugar contributes to almost every chronic disease condition. More importantly, she explains how to make better health decisions and adopt a lifestyle that includes exercise.

You become what you eat, and its time to make choices that lead to a longer, healthier life. It starts with Food for Thought.

By combining research with personal and clinical experience, this book aims to help busy professionals beat fatigue and increase energy through proper nutrition and exercise. This book is a healthful guide to strategically eating high-quality foods in order to fuel the body for maximum energy and health.
Julie Lombardi, P.E.D, associate professor in the Department of Wellness and Sport Sciences, Millersville University

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