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Remembering the War Years and After

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Kim Warren
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Remembering the War Years and After, is an account about what families experienced during Hitlers reign of terror during World War II.
The Leon and Mydlarski families were Jewish and chose to hide from the Nazis. The Bezas endeavoured to escape. They would be dependent on the compassion of others to assist them. The Lowys and Goldsteins hoped to survive deportation.

Willem and Boleslaw, who were not Jewish, were forced into labour in Germany. With bombs being dropped around her, Una never knew if her home would be the next one to receive a direct hit. Sisters, Margre and Hendrika, lived with the presence of German soldiers in their small village.

In the midst of it all there were those who endeavoured to put a stop to the war. Men like Willis, Jim, Bud, Alan and Lester, risked their lives by volunteering to fight the evil that had threatened to take over the world.

Would they all survive and what would become of them when the war ended?

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