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Mikey’S Quest for Father God

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Jim Farrell
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When are these dupes and imbeciles going to wake up? Let me say again, and for the last timethere is no godyou fools.
When Mikey ORourke, a precocious eighth-grader, reads a Facebook post by his Uncle Billy, hes shocked. After all, his family is Catholic. Hes even more surprised when his father tells him all his unclesBilly, Ray, and Alare atheists. Mikey doesnt know how to handle this newfound information.

In his novel Mikeys Quest for Father God, author Jim Farrell tells how Mikey leaves behind his shock and surprise to learn why people have such different beliefs about the existenceor nonexistenceof God. As a temporary reporter for the News-Journal, Mikey sets out to interview believers and nonbelievers to discover why they do or do not believe in God. Among those he interviews are his parents, a rabbi friend of his fathers, his grandmother, a Korean exchange student, and a young woman who lost her faith.

Mikeys Quest for Father God explores traditional Thomistic arguments for Gods existence, Maimonidess famous question, Why is there something and not nothing?, Pascals Wager, Anselms ontological argument, the problem of evil, the Holocaust, the civil rights movement in St. Augustine, the closed box of science, saints, martyrs, pedophile priests, and same-sex couples. You will love following Mikey to his conclusion.

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